Greetings Parents,
Welcome back to school from a healthy spring break and welcome to the final quarter of the 2015-16 school year.  As we look towards the final two months of school we also reflect on the successes of the year for our many great student activities including our recent International Day, Modern United Nations, successful In Jazz competitions, notable IB Art and a wonderful winter season of athletics and activities. Congratulations to all of our students.
We are beginning a brief season of testing for our students across most grade levels in the next few weeks titled the “Measure of Academic Performance” or “MAP” for short. The goal of MAP testing is to allow our teachers to see where students have been successful in learning, and where additional help is needed for a specific subject. Teachers use MAP data which was gathered in the fall and compare it to the spring MAP test, teachers then triangulate how each student can improve according to the data. As a teacher-team we spend time with trainers from the United States to help teachers analyze where their students are, and how we can help them grow. Please energize your students with good food, plenty of rest, and a passion for success on this measurement tool.
Safety and Security
I would like to take the time to remind you that as we return this spring that safety and security of the school community will continue to be our priority. Collectively we have added more than 150 video cameras to our campuses, as an added measure during the past few months.  We continue to be a closed campus policy, as implemented in 2010, and mandated by the Ministry of Education and the Board of Trustees. Access to school premises will be limited during the day (Boys’ Campus 7:30AM-2:15PM, Girls’ Campus at 7:45AM-2:30PM, and ICA 7:30AM-2:15PM) and of course all gates will be locked. All visitors must access the school through the main reception doors. Parents and guests visiting the campus must work with each school principal to make an appointment, sign-in with the security guards by giving their civil ID, and receive a visitor badge before waiting until received. This policy will be enforced for the security and safety of our children at all times during the school day. We greatly appreciate your usual cooperation and understanding in this important matter.
Spring is Upon Us!
We have worked diligently over the past few months to prepare for next year with great staff learning how to become even better teachers. In our most recent teacher professional development day, we maintained more than 23 break-out seassions for teachers to grow in their learning. We look forward to more of these type opportunities for teachers next year as well. We strive to hire the best, train all staff along the way, and bring together a the highest quality community of teachers across the ACA/ICA system of schools.
Superintendent Goals on Communications
Over the past few months we have made a strong effort to improve communication with parents in a variety of methods, including opening up over 75 new inbound phone lines and testing a new system this year for some elementary classrooms called “Classroom DOJO”. This will continue to be a strong focus in the months to come. I am pleased to announce that all elementary students will be using the Classroom DOJO system for parent/teacher/student communication for the 2016/17 school year! Truly, it is a great resource to aid in our communication, while we also look for other great areas of improved communication.
Additionally, we will continue to improve our use of Instagram, Twitter and other social media outlets to get the word out about great events and activities which our students are accomplishing. This area of communication has grown tremendously for us this year!
Finally, I am pleased to announce the release of a new website in the next few weeks as we strive to improve the way we communicate with our parents and community. I hope you will find the renewed commitment to our values and excellence in education presented with a new and fresh look of which we can all be proud. Great job to the technology team for such a passion for a great new website!
Kindly yours,

Mathew F. Neal
Superintendent of Schools
American and International Creativity Academies

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